About The Extreme World Market

The Extreme World Market refers to this website. The Extreme World Market is a global marketplace where corporations from around the world issue and circulate their own corporate currency on The Extreme World Market and trade crypto assets such as bitcoin held by traders.

 By listing on The Extreme World Market, corporations can issue and circulate their own corporate currency within the market, and traders can trade and acquire the issued and circulating corporate currency and crypto assets such as bitcoin held by the corporation.
 We strive to expand the market by aiming to establish overseas operation bases, so that corporations can actively conduct global branding and fundraising.
 Traders can enjoy the privileges of holding corporate currency with privileges, and can also acquire corporate currency through mining. We also strive to build market credibility by providing transaction guarantees in case of delisting risk.

 Currently, a demo version is available to the public, and we intend to gradually expand its development by releasing an official version, applying for registration as a crypto asset exchange in Japan, releasing The Extreme World Market application, and introducing a financial analysis tool. We look forward to your continued support of The Extreme World Market.

-The Extreme World Market-

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